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Christian Hunting Outfitters
Christian Farm
All of our DIY hunts are broken into four separate tracts of land for a
more personal and private hunting experience. Oak and  Persimmon
trees are located within in each tract along with established food
plots. Below is a listing of each tract of land.   
Pike County Illinois is known for being one of the best whitetail deer
hunting locations in the country! With superior genetics and nutrition
we continually produce top Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young
records. DIY (Do It Yourself) hunts are one of the most rewarding
styles of deer hunting there is. We do not offer permanent stand
locations so you can enjoy free range hunting. Just knowing you
have put in the time and effort to harvest any deer, whether it be a
doe to fill your freezer or an Illinois giant trophy whitetail the
rewards seem to be the same. But understand whitetail deer hunting
at Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures provides that extra opportunity
for a trophy of a lifetime. Due to low pressure archery only deer
hunting with resting periods for the property between hunting weeks
makes all the difference. Gun Hunting is not allowed on our
Christian farm which allows for a low stress atmosphere. As
neighboring farms start shooting where do you think the deer run to?
That's right! To the area that has the least hunter pressure and most
undisturbed cover. Never deer hunting our property more than 5-6
days at a time, with a  3-5 day break in between, it is nearly a
sanctuary for wildlife.
Chriatian Farms
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Deer Hunting
Lodging and Continental  
Pastry Breakfast included
with your deer hunt
Deer Hunting
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Deer Hunting
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Deer Hunting
Christian Hunting
Trail Camera Pictures
Trail Camera Pictures
Christian Farms
Deer Hunting
Christian Deer Hunts
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Christian Hunting Outfitters
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Christian Deer Hunts
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2019 Whitetail Deer Hunting Season Dates/Rates
Oct 01- Oct 19 5-Day Hunt & Lodging $1,400*
Oct 20-Nov 21 5-Day Hunt & Lodging $1,895**
Nov 25-Dec 04 5-Day Hunt & Lodging $1,400*
Dec 09-Jan 19 2020 5-Day Hunt & Lodging $1,400*
*Purchase up to 3 extra hunting days for $240 per day, per hunter.
**Purchase up to 2 extra hunting days for $300 per day per hunter
Continental pastry breakfast each morning
2019 Whitetail Deer Hunting
Season Rates/Dates
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
DIY Hunts
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Christian Hunting Outfitters
Christian Outfitters
Christian Youth Hunting
Christian Hunting Outfitters
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Christian Youth Groups
Pike County Illinois Christian Outfitter since 1996. We offer the service you are looking
for in a spectacular Christian surrounding. Enjoy Christian Fellowship, fun with your
friends and sharing your hunting experience with others in Gods beautiful country-side.
Contact Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures for your next whitetail deer hunting adventure!
Christian Youth Group Hunting
Turkey Hunting
Pike County Illinois Turkey Hunting at Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures. Offering Spring
Turkey Hunting. The only time we permit guns on our property is this hunt. Low archery only
pressure throughout the year keeps our birds relaxed and success rates high. Hunters will
enjoy their own tract of land and the privacy and quality that our beautiful farms have to offer.  
Contact us for more information or to schedule your Illinois Turkey Hunt. Limited availability.
Lodging and Continental
Breakfast included with your
Turkey Hunt
  • Lodging previous night
    of hunt start date.
  • Lodging each night of
  • Continental Pastry
    Breakfast each morning.
2019 Turkey Hunting Season
Christian Outfitters
Christian Outfitters
Turkey Hunting
Pike County Illinois Turkey Hunting
Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures
Christian Outfitters
Hunters furnish and place their own stands
Season                                 2019 Dates          Days                 2019
Youth                              3/30/19 to 3/31/19        2                        $500
Youth                              4/06/19 to 4/07/19        2                        $500
First                                4/15/19 to 4/19/19        5                        $750
Second                           4/20/19 to 4/25/19        6                        $750
Third                               4/26/19 to 5/01/19        6                        $750
Fourth                             5/02/19 to 5/08/19        7                        $750
Fifth                                5/09/19 to 5/16/19        8                        $750

*Rates based on Northern Zone Region 4 Pike County, Illinois and a
minimum of 2 hunters. Single hunter rates are $900 per season. Prices
subject to change
2019 Turkey Hunt Dates and Prices